We caught up with Lara Ferroni, author of An Avocado A Day, to talk about inspirational cooking, her latest dishes and invigorating avocado recipes! 


Q 1. When did your interest in healthy eating first start?


I grew up in a family that believed that eating healthy was important. My grandmother was a nutritionist, and there was always a strong emphasis on a balanced diet. Although there have been different food trends and fads over my life, the idea that it’s best to eat good, real, healthy food, especially lots of fruits and vegetables has always stuck with me.



Q 2. Why did you pick avocados as the focus of your book?


I have to give credit to my editor Susan Roxborough for that. We had been talking through a lot of different cookbook ideas (there are so many I’d love to work on!), and that’s the one that stuck. I’m incredibly grateful as it was one of the most enjoyable books to write and test!



Q 3. What’s your go-to avocado recipe?


For quick and easy, it’s usually a Green Power Oatmeal: savory oatmeal with avocado, some sautéed greens, fresh herbs and nuts. But, if I’m using avocado at dinner time, for guests, the cauliflower-avocado mash is amazing. 



Q 4. Do you have a favourite kind of avocado? If so, what is it?


Really, it’s whatever avocado is in season. But I was in Sydney, Australia for some of my recipe testing, and the Reed avocados I got there were the best I’ve had. They were so buttery, and had a really lovely fruitiness.



Q 5. What do you eat on an average day?


I usually have some sort of savory bowl (oatmeal, rice or beans) topped with some sort of veggies and/or and egg for lunch. For weekday dinners, it’s usually either a simply, grilled protein with a green salad and a couple slices of baguette or something like a big bowl of soup or stew. On weekends, I usually eat out. My favorites are Italian, Ethiopian, or Vietnamese.  



Q 6. Do you do any particular exercise?


I do online Barre3 almost every day. Also, we don’t own a car, so I get lots of walking in. 



Q 7. What is your guilty pleasure?


Chocolate. I don’t really feel that guilty about it, but I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease about 9 months ago, and I’m supposed to cut out caffeine and salt. I’ve done a good job on both of those, but as a treat, I do indulge in a small square of dark chocolate daily. 



Q 8. And finally if you could take only three things to a desert island what would they be?

A really great knife

One of those books I’ve always been meaning to read, but never get around to (I’m looking at you Infinite Jest)

And a phone with a 4-bar data & GPS connection (because the book won’t take me forever to finish)







Lara Ferroni


An Avocado a Day by Lara Ferroni, published by Sasquatch Books (£14.99, available from www.thegmcgroup.com)

, 05 April 2017