Q+A with Superfood Seagreens author Barton Seaver

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We talk healthy eating and super seaweeds with Barton Seaver: world-renowned chef, sustainability expert, and author of the fantastic Superfood Seagreens.


Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in food?

From my very early years, food was a way for me to explore the people and cultures of my multi-ethnic neighbourhood and my interest grew as a way to use food to connect to community. A career in food service naturally followed.


Have you always been into healthy eating or was it a planned lifestyle change?

Growing up dinner was always lots of vegetables and generally very healthy meals, so my preferences for food tend to be for healthier foods. It’s as much a flavour preference it is a health issue.


Tell us about your book, Superfood Seagreens…

Not only are seagreens a sustainable, even restorative food from an ecological standpoint, they are incredibly charismatic and interesting category of ingredients that offer us a whole new realm of culinary discovery. I wrote this book to help inspire people to begin their own explorations.


If you could choose your perfect meal what would it be?

Maine Lobster steamed in seawater over rockweed in a bonfire by the ocean (this is pretty much how we eat lobster at my house – I’m pretty lucky.)


Where does your inspiration for using seaweed in your recipes come from?

Discovery of new flavour combinations and how seagreens accentuate and combine with other flavours.


What are your current plans for the future of sustainability? 

I intend to continue my work at Harvard to show that the health of our environments is inextricably linked to our health and that of our children. Sustainability is a term to describe our efforts to sustain ourselves and to enable our children to thrive.


Do you have tips and tricks on how to eat healthy everyday?

Mostly vegetables. Small portions of seafood. Diversify the species that you eat regularly to appreciate what is in season. Limit red meat. And most importantly enjoy yourself!


And finally if you could take only three things to a desert island what would they be?

My wife, fishing pole, a good fillet knife.


The fantastic Superfood Seagreens by Barton Seaver, published by Sterling, is available for only £9.99 from www.thegmcgroup.com


, 03 May 2016