Superfood: Feasts for Autumn

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Autumn is heading our way and that means pumpkins, apples and mushrooms! In the latest issue of Superfood we have great recipes from Tanzanian-inspired Mushroom Curry to warming Baked Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup, from pregnancy-friendly meals to easy one-pots without the calories. Plus, we chat to London-based nutritionist, naturopath and CEO of Psycle Studios, Rhian Stephenson.


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Delicious and healthy recipes that look good, taste good and do good.
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Discover the best equipment to prepare superfoods easily and quickly.          
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Food Guides

Sweet Potatoes

What makes a sweet potato super? What good does a chia seed do?              We have the answers.
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Nutritional Information


Nutrional information on foods, juices and more, so you can create the perfect balanced diet for you.
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